Melbourne At War Series

Featured Photo “Flinders st Sniper” 2008, photograph of flinders street by me, the image of the sniper is appropreated off the internet, then fused together in photo shop, By Aaron O’Brien, For Sale   I actually did a realist painting in oils on canvas in 2008 which was purchased by Victoria University for there private collection

If you would like to book one of these limited edition prints to buy  when the exhibition is on please get in contact with me through email they will printed in editions of at least 5, 8, or 12 all will be signed by me on the back  or front if you so wish, I am also working on a certificate of authenticity. The actual size of the works will be around A1 if you desire a particular size I might be able to help.


Exhibition for the “Melboure at War” series is Coming Early Next Year I willl keep everyone updated on the Exhibition Date and Place still yet to be Confirmed. The Prints will be sold in additions of  6  Depending on demand, Please feel Free and email me to Pre Book a print to make sure you do not miss out, once sold out no more editions.


Melbourne at War Series-Town Square, 2010, computer mixed media, by Aaron O’Brien

Melbourne at War Series-Little coliins street tank, 2010, computer mixed media, by Aaron O’Brien
Melbourne at War Series- Stand off at Flinders street Station, 2011, computer mixed media, by Aaron O’Brien


back of national gallery
Melbourne at War Series-NGV tank, 2011, computer mixed media, by Aaron O’Brien

IMG_5465-3-new Melbourne at War Series-Contemplation in Simulation, 2011, computer  mixed media, by Aaron O’Brien


A-worlds-that-a-model                                        Melbourne at War Series-Wrapped up in a simulation, 2011, computer         mixed media, by Aaron O’Brien


Melbourne at War Series-The Spectical Of Capitalism, 2012,                              computer mixed media, by Aaron O’Brien.

Federation-square-1 - Copy
Melbourne at War Series-Federation Square in an abstract world tank, 2012, computer mixed media, by Aaron O’Brien
Melbourne at War Series-War of the Arts , 2012, computer mixed media, by Aaron O’Brien. Sold, the original work was purchased by The Dean of the Victorian Collage of the Arts for the university’s private collection. I am not sure if this will be for sale at the Exhibition.

Purchased by the Dean of the Victorian Collage of the Arts (VCA) for their private collection in 2011, titled “War Of The University’s” or “War Of The Arts” It’s the height of A3 paper and length I think was about 120 – 140cm, original photo of VCA and Appropriated images of machines of War off the internet and composed in Photoshop, I abstracted the sky into large Blocks or pixels which helped add to the drama and also the abstraction is a literal word to be used when finding the multiple meanings of the work. the for ground objects of war have been painted over with oil paints 2 or 3 Glazes, which over time I am hoping the background will fade away and war machines are left standing alone in a negative space, which is the last meaning that cannot be deciphered till that happens , so I thought to give it away, The war machines never seems to change its just the environments around them that do , the buildings, streets, people, cars they all mostly change and look different over time, but to me war and war machines of man seem to have an endless similarity to the next generation of war soldiers and war toys, although this is only in regard to what I have seen as second hand information and should not be taken as my accounts to the real, for I have not been to war before, hence the sky is abstracted looking like huge pixel’s, these are related and pointing to my supposition that the majority or most people in the west born after world war 2 have been abstracted from the past and ongoing war’s in Asia, south America, Middle East, Balkan peninsula, Caribbean, etc especially stand over wars like Afghanistan and Iraq because they are not fought in western countries, so only our soldiers sent to war by politicians experience war and the majority left in the west are ignorant to it, not you though brothers and sisters of the Arts and Arts lovers we try to understand!!!

Sports, Capitalism the arts and war
Melbourne at War Series-The spectical of War, 2013, computer mixed media, by Aaron O’Brien.
Similucum, 2014, Mixed Media, by Aaron O’Brien.

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